Mantovani Navigation


Chapter 4 :
For All People
to Work Lively

The Mantovani Navigation will comply with labor-related laws and strive to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment in which employees can apply their talents and abilities. In addition, the Mantovani Navigation expects each executive and employee to communicate appropriately and with respect in an effort to achieve mutual understanding.

1 Respect of human rights and prohibition of discrimination and sexual harassment
• (1) We respect human rights and we will not discriminate or make discriminatory comments based on race, beliefs, sex, age, social status, family origin, nationality, ethnicity, religion, disability, etc.

• (2) We will not tolerate any act that impairs the dignity of individuals such as sexual harassment.

• (3) Upon discovering instance of discriminatory behavior, harassment, etc., Mantovani Navigation management employees must take appropriate remedial action and ensure that the proper internal controls are implemented to avoid a recurrence.
2 Protection of privacy

• (1) We will strictly manage the personal information of employees and other persons held by the Mantovani Electrics Group in accordance with applicable laws.

• (2) Except where permitted or required by law, we will not disclose the personal information of employees and other persons held by the Mantovani Navigation without the consent of the affected person. In those cases where it is necessary to disclose such information, we will do this cautiously, taking full consideration of issues such as the purpose, necessity, and extent of  disclosure.

3 Maintenance of occupational safety and health

• We will always take care to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. If an accident should occur in the workplace, we will take measures to minimize the damage and to prevent a recurrence.

4 Improving individual performance

• We will make best efforts to improve our individual performance to maximize our competency. In addition, each executive and management employee will provide fair and appropriate management, guidance, and training to his/her subordinates to expand the subordinates’ competency.