Mantovani Navigation


Chapter 2:
Continuing to Earn the Trust of Society

The Mantovani Navigation will act with integrity based on high ethical standards, and will ensure observance of the applicable laws of the jurisdictions where the Mantovani Navigation operates in order to continue to secure the trust of Mantovani' stakeholders.

1 Communication with stakeholders
• (1) We will disclose accurate corporate information including the Mantovani Navigation’s management policies, financial statements, operational activities, CSR activities, etc., at the appropriate time and so as to maintain corporate accountability.

• (2) We will humbly the feedback of our stakeholders and will strive to act in response to stakeholders’ expectations. customers and us.
2 Contribute to harmony between society and environment

• (1) We will contribute to society and will incorporate environmental considerations into all stages of our product life cycles, including research and development, design, procurement, production, sales,
logistics, use and disposal.

• (2) We will strive to prevent pollution as well as to minimize the impact of our products and operations on the environment. When environmental problems arise, we will take appropriate steps to minimize the impact on the environment and to disclose accurate and necessary information.

• (3) We will disclose environmental
information to our stakeholders and promote to communicate with society for the
purpose of mutual understanding.

3 No forced / child labor
• (1) We will employ all employees on a voluntary basis, and will not practice ortolerate forced labor.

• (2) We will not use child labor. The term “child” refers to a person who is younger than the minimum age permitted for labor in a jurisdiction where Mantovani operates.
4 No relations with anti-social groups

• (1) We take a firm stand against anti-social groups and other organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society, and we will not participate in any relationship with such groups.

• (2) We will not take any action that may encourage anti-social groups and other organizations, such as offering economic benefits to them.

5 Donations and political contributions

• (1) We will comply with all laws and internal company regulations related to giving donations, and we will carefully consider the necessity and appropriateness of any proposed donation.

• (2) We will comply with all laws and internal company regulations related to political contributions, elections, and political activities, and will only participate in such activities, including making contributions, as permitted by law.